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TUTU Cakes was founded by

Mrs. Jigna Nitesh Thanvi with the goal of bringing the creativity and magic of baking cakes to Indian women and homes. Our vision is to introduce every woman to the joys of baking while also working to build a nation of independent, empowered women. Mrs. Jigna always goes above and beyond in order to teach students the best she can and believes that there is always room for improvement in a cake so that one can learn something new.


Is to teach our art of baking to every single woman possible in our reach through offline workshops and out of our reach through online workshops.


Make India a country where women don’t need any empowerment. We want to make every Indian woman self-Dependent and self employed.


Our sole objective is to reach every city in india and teach women the art of baking and add a little sweetness into the world.


Mrs Urmi Jha


Mam, your live session was a godsend to me during the Pandemic since it helped me to successfully celebrate all of my loved ones’ big occasions.

Mrs Urvi Patel


I’m thankful I found your workshop, it was extremely useful, and now I can bake cakes like professionals, with good taste and creativity all thanks to you ma’mam

Mrs Kavita Pillai


I thought I’d never be able to bake a cake, but after attending your live sessions. I tried one and it turned out great. You taught so well that now I can bake my cakes anytime.

Mrs Purva Shrirang


Your live sessions are so simple that anyone can make a cake. They helped me a lot, and I became more like an expert, that now I can have my own bakery.

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